Instagram Stories Highlights: How to Use Them to Build Your Brand


As the most popular social media platform of this era, Instagram is an incredibly powerful marketing tool for businesses. It offers an array of features and possibilities to help users build their brands, one of which are Instagram Stories Highlights. Although they may be intimidating to use, they are a simple way to turn potential customers into followers, and existing followers into avid customers. This article will explain how to use Instagram Stories Highlights to boost your brand.

I. Introduction to Instagram Stories Highlights

Instagram Stories Highlights are collections of posts that are saved and showcased to highlight a specific story. They are prominently placed in an individual’s Instagram profile and can be seen by all followers. A single Story Highlight can include up to 100 stories.

Users have the option to also include other content into a Story Highlight. This includes several text options, images, videos, or links which can be used to share stories in more detail for an enhanced viewing experience for followers.

Having Story Highlights can help curate a profile and represent a brand, company, or individual in a desired way. This can be managed in the “Edit Profile” section. Story Highlights are managed by tapping on the circle that appears on the bottom of archived stories. Creating stories is easy with the drag and drop feature and it’s easy to reorder stories or delete them if they are no longer needed.

II. Benefits of Using Instagram Stories Highlights

One of the main benefits of using Instagram Stories Highlights is that it enables you to easily share content with your followers. It is also an ideal way to simplify searches as Highlights are easy to find on your profile page.

Increase Reach and Visibility
Another great benefit of using Instagram Stories Highlights is that it can potentially reach more people. Highlights are included in the Explore page and if your content is unique and relevant, you will be able to reach more people. It also highlights your posts in search engine results, which increases your visibility.

Inform & Engage
Instagram Stories Highlights can help to inform your followers quickly and create engagement. By organizing your content into categories it becomes easier to access and engages users with a consistent theme. Examples of ways you can use Instagram Stories Highlights to engage your followers include:

  • Create polls or quizzes
  • Share sneak peeks of upcoming products or services
  • Make announcements
  • Share tutorials or how-to videos

III. Steps to Get Started With Instagram Stories Highlights

Creating Instagram Stories Highlights not only helps you to arrange the content and make it easily discoverable for your followers, but also allows brands to show off their best content in an easily accessible way. Below are a few recommended steps to get started with Instagram Stories Highlights.

Choose Content

  • Identify the content you have already posted as Stories.
  • Alternatively, you can choose to create new content specifically for your Highlights.
  • Be sure to find content that shows off your brand and products in the best light.

Create the Highlight

  • Tap the “Highlights” tab located below your profile image on the profile page.
  • Choose “New” from the top of your Highlights page and type a name for the Highlight.
  • Choose your content for the Highlight and add a cover thumbnail for it.

Post the Highlight

  • When you’re done selecting content, tap “Done” in the top-right corner.
  • Now your Highlight will appear in a grouping on your profile page under your profile image, making it easy for users to discover your content.
  • Repeat the same process to add more than one Highlight.

IV. Best Practices for Leveraging Instagram Stories Highlights to Build Your Brand

Leverage Story Highlights
Using Instagram Story Highlights is a great strategy to maintain an ongoing presence in the ever-competitive world of social media marketing. By scheduling regular content in your Highlights, you can create an overview of your brand’s values and connect with potential customers in a more engaging way. To make the most of this tool, here are five best practices for leveraging Instagram Stories Highlights to build your brand:

  • Pick a Unique Theme – Choosing a theme to use for your Highlights is a creative way to showcase what your brand represents. Try different combinations of titles and visuals to create a unique look that stands out from the competition.
  • Create a Cohesive Posting Schedule – When you post regularly and. on a consistent basis, this demonstrates that you care about staying in touch with your followers. Aim to post new content at the same time each week, and maintain a balance of content types.
  • Maintain an Engaging Presence – Highlight stories that are entertaining, with visuals and audio that capture the attention of viewers. Ask followers to interact with your Highlights, and respond to comments where appropriate.

Optimize Your Highlighted Stories
To make sure that your Highlights are getting traction, optimize them for search engine optimization (SEO). This can be accomplished by adding relevant keywords to your stories, as well as utilizing hashtags and location tags, when applicable. Additionally, be mindful of the size and resolution of your images and videos, as they should be clear and easy to view.

Highlight Relevant Content
Highlighting relevant content is a good way to demonstrate your brand’s values, mission, and industry-specific expertise. Focus on showcasing stories, products, and other content areas that demonstrate your brand’s unique voice and vision. Re-sharing content from thought leaders, partners, and other influencers in your industry is also an effective way to gain exposure and build trust with potential customers.

V. How to Re-Engage Your Target Audience With Instagram Stories Highlights

Instagram Stories Highlights is a great way to organically reach target audiences on the platform. It allows users to create collections of their stories from the past, plus come back and edit them anytime they want. To effectively re-engage your target audience through Instagram Stories Highlights, follow these steps:

  • Evaluate Current Highlight Offerings: Before making any changes, take a look at the current Highlights already present on your page to understand what resonates with your target audience. Consider topics, visuals, formatting, and more.
  • Update Existing Highlights: If there are any existing Highlights that are outdated or undesirable, remove them from your page from time to time. Doing so will give your Instagram Stories Highlights section an updated, compelling look.
  • Add New Highlights: Don’t limit yourself to the same Highlights. Once in a while, add a new Highlight to keep things fresh and relevant to the particular interests of your audience. You can also choose to repurpose some of your older Stories to add onto existing Highlights.

By taking advantage of the flexibility of Instagram Stories Highlights, your brand can consistently create new and engaging content that appeals to your target audience. Keep track of your impressions and reach post-re-engagement to measure the effectiveness of your efforts.

By utilizing Instagram Stories Highlights, you can provide a more lasting impression for your audience and increase your exposure. With its ability to stand out from the crowd, your brand name and content will surely become more recognizable, helping you to accomplish your marketing and branding objectives.