10 Instagram Hacks You Need to Know to Increase Your Engagement


Are you looking for ways to increase engagement on your Instagram account? There are plenty of tips and tricks out there to help you increase your followers and produce content that resonates with your existing followers. But not all of these strategies are created equal. In this article, we’ll be sharing our top 10 Instagram hacks that you should know to help you increase engagement on your account.

1. Introduction to Instagram Hacks

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. With over 500 million users, it is full of potential for both business marketers and individuals who want to make the most of their Instagram presence. However, it can be hard to navigate the platform and take the best advantage of its features without the right knowledge. That’s why experts have come together to share some of the best Instagram hacks out there!

These hacks can help you save time, followers, improve reach and grow your presence on Instagram in all the right ways. Here’s a list of some of the major hacks that you can use to make the most of your Instagram:

  • Cross-Promote Your Posts: You can quickly increase the reach of your posts by cross-promoting them on other social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
  • Use Hashtags Strategically: Choosing the right hashtags is essential to growing your presence on Instagram. Research relevant hashtags, track their performance, and use them to your fullest.
  • Switch to Business Account: Switching to a business account will give you access to valuable analytics and insights which can help you measure the performance of your content.

Utilizing these hacks can give you an edge and help you make the most of Instagram. The hacks listed above are just the tip of the iceberg and there are a lot more tips and tricks out there that you can use to gain an advantage on Instagram. If you’re looking for more tips, why not check out some Instagram influencers and see what strategies they use?

2. Hack #1: Optimizing Your Profile

Optimizing your profile is a key component of a successful presence on any social media platform. Many users overlook basic improvements which can enhance their presence and make a real difference to their engagement.

Take some time to craft the perfect profile. Make sure it includes:

  • A clear biography that introduces you and your background to your audience
  • The right profile image that defines who you are and reflects your brand
  • High-quality content that captivates and intrigues your followers

Investing time in creating an enjoyable and engaging profile will pay dividends, providing a valuable platform to build your community and strengthen your message.

3. Hack #2: Utilizing Hashtags

Hashtags are an effective tool to help spread your content on social media, particularly Twitter. When hashtags are used in your post, they are immediately visible to all users who search for them. With strategic use, your content could start appearing more and more in people’s news feeds.

Hashtags are most effective when they are relevant to the content you are sharing. Utilising key words and phrases allows your post to be visible in popular conversations and trending topics. Make sure to use a mix of general topics and more specialised hashtags related to the content of your post.

To get an idea of the main hashtags used in your field, perform hashtag research for your post subject or try using a hashtag suggestion tool. There are many available online, such as Hashtagify.Me.

  • Find hashtags which are relevant to your content.
  • Do hashtag research to identify appropriate tags.
  • Try the Hashtagify.Me suggestion tool.

4. Hack #3: Engaging with Followers

Think Outside the ‘Follow-Unfollow’ Box

With a few key strategies and approaches, you can nurture a strong connection with your followers that builds trust and loyalty. Here are some of the most effective:

  • Be an engaged convspersion partner. When people comment on your posts, take the time to have an authentic conversation with them. Ask questions and thank them for their contributions.
  • Provide helpful answers. When someone asks a question, provide them with an thoughtful and timely response.
  • Develop a sense of community. By engaging followers with fresh content, acknowledging their comments, and providing helpful answers, you can create a more cohesive follower base.

Make Every Follower Feel Special

Don’t underestimate the power of individual relationships with followers. Everyone should feel as though their presence and opinion are valued:

  • Be available. Make sure your followers feel seen; take the time to respond to their comments and direct messages.
  • Schedule time to get to know each other. Host live Q&A sessions to connect on a deeper, more personal level.
  • Provide exclusive access. Develop a VIP list, release exclusive content, or offer special rewards or discounts to dedicated followers.

Show Some Love

Reward and recognize followers who have gone above and beyond:

  • Give shoutouts. Tag followers who have interacted with your account and thank them with a comment.
  • Share their content. To show your appreciation, repost content from followers who have mentioned or tagged you in their posts.
  • Send freebies. Give followers access to free products, and even send free physical items to some of your most engaged fans.

5. Hack #4: Leveraging Bio Links

In the fourth installment of our five-part blog series, our goal is to show you how to leverage bio links to drive more social media engagement. Bio Links are links associated with your profiles on various social media networks, and they serve as a valuable source to drive traffic to your website.

1. Optimize Your Profile
The first step is to have an up-to-date and professional profile that showcases who you are and what readers can expect if they follow you or visit your website. Make sure that you include your website or blog link on your profile, so potential readers can easily discover your content.

2. Share Relevant Links
Now, once you have an optimized profile, it’s time to start sharing links to your website within relevant bios, such as on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram bio links. To make sure that you’re driving real engagement and traffic, make sure that you include only relevant links to your website. For instance, if you have a website related to health and fitness, you should include links to related articles and blog posts on your website.

3. Use the Proper Hashtags
Lastly, make sure that you include hashtags when posting the link to your website. You can use popular and relevant hashtags to reach a wider audience and ensure that your link is seen by the right people. Keep in mind that you should keep hashtags relevant to the link you are sharing, so the people who find your link through the hashtags are more likely to click and potentially become readers.

  • Optimize Your Profile
  • Share Relevant Links
  • Use the Proper Hashtags

6. Hack #5: Creating Quality Content

In today’s increasingly competitive online world, it’s important that content creators take time to develop quality content. Quality content will likely rank higher on search engine results and make up a larger portion of internet users’ attention. Below are several tips to make creating quality content easier:

  • Write concisely: Good writing is concise and direct. Try avoiding long, drawn-out sentences and use shorter words wherever possible.
  • Make sure the grammar is correct: Poor grammar severely detracts from the quality of a written piece, no matter how well-written it is.
  • Ensure content is well-researched: Content should always be based off accurate and reliable sources. Citing external sources are great for improving credibility.

Incorporating visuals and multimedia is also a great way to make content more engaging. Images, videos, and infographics are easily understood and look great. Additionally, social media integration can be used to promote content and increase reach.

Put together, these techniques can help create quality content that stands the test of time. In a world of millions of blogs and website, creating quality content is the best way to stand out.

7. Hack #6: Making the Most of Stories

Stories are a powerful way to share information and they can be used to demonstrate connection and engage people. As such, there are several ways to make the most of them.

  • Tell stories that are relevant to users
  • Include a clear call to action
  • Consider creating a video for your story

For the best results, make sure that the stories are shared in an interesting and captivating way. Ensure that the words used are powerful, simple and to the point, and focus on keeping the story educational. Additionally, stories should be engaging and inspiring, allowing users to form an emotional attachment to the story. Lastly, always be sure to include a call to action as this will help to ensure users take the desired action.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to make the most of stories and use them to great effect.

8. Hack #7: Capitalizing on Contests

Entering a contest is a fantastic way to capitalize on keen competitors and unseen opportunities all in one sweep. Research the local and online arena, to secure the right contests for your chances of success.

If your skillsets fit the bill, find the right opportunities and enter them in a timely fashion. It can take more than one try to secure a win, and several submissions as well. Utilizing this strategy, you can turn a small investment into a valuable victory in the long run.

  • Identify the right contests: You need to be aware of the contests out there and their scope if you want to stand a chance of winning. Keep up to date with the local and online arena for that.
  • Ensure timely entries: It is also of utmost importance that you enter your submissions to the contests in a timely fashion. Promptness is key here.
  • Stay realistic: Don’t set your sights too high; it may take multiple attempts to win a contest. Always aim high but don’t try to reach too far.

9. Hack #8: Measuring Performance

Once your website’s launch is complete, it’s important to understand how users are interacting with the different elements of it. Website performance impacts the user experience, and helps to identify further optimization opportunities. Measuring the performance of your website can help identify areas that need improvement and guide future design decisions.


  • Analyze user interactions with the website.
  • Monitor the loading speed of various pages.
  • Analyze the loading speed of different visual elements, such as images and videos.
  • Use analytics tools to identify areas of improvement.

By understanding how users interact with the website and measuring loading speed, it will help you see where website performance could be improved. Additionally, analytics tools can be used to help monitor performance over time and provide additional insight. Performance analysis will help you understand how users experience and engage with your website and what areas need attention.

10. Hack #9: Maintaining Focus

It is no surprise that staying focused is often a struggle, especially with the constant influx of distraction from the external world. Being able to stay on track and devote uninterrupted time to your tasks is essential for productivity and progress.

To do this, start by taking time to establish realistic goals for each day. Keep your list of tasks achievable so that you can accomplish it all by the end of the day, and don’t be afraid to remove the irrelevant items from your list. Doing this will help you stay focused on what is truly important.

Next, it is important to remove potential distractions before beginning a task. Turn off social media accounts and notifications on your phone, or put your phone in a drawer if necessary. You can also try to avoid other items that tempt you such as your favourite snack and any objects that would lure your attention away from the task. Lastly, you can use helpful tools such as staying-focused browser plug-ins that block websites for a predetermined amount of time.

  • Establish realistic goals for each day.
  • Remove potential distractions before beginning a task.
  • Use helpful tools such as browser plug-ins that block websites.

11. Hack #10: Considering Paid Ads

Ads are a great way to acquire new users, but there is a lot to consider when launching an ad campaign.

  1. Audience targeting: Establish the demographics and interests of your target audience. Depending on the platform you choose, you can tailor your ads to great effect.
  2. Ad placements: Ads come in many shapes and sizes. Carefully consider where to place ads and whether they should be video, banner, or a native format.
  3. Budgeting: Think realistically about your budget and limit costs by setting caps. Use A/B testing to adjust what is and isn’t working.

Overall, paid ads are a great asset to have in your marketing toolbox. It takes trial and error to figure out the right approach, but ads can be a very cost-effective way to reach more people. They’re also more likely to convert than most forms of organic marketing.

12. Conclusion

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By becoming familiar with the above Instagram hacks, and implementing them into your Instagram strategy, you can be well on your way to increasing your engagement and growing your page’s presence on the platform. As long as you stay patient, remain consistent, and have fun expressing yourself and your brand, you can take advantage of the power Instagram has to offer.